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Pain Management

Back and neck pain can be miserable! Injury, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, vertebral compression fracture..., even a simple back sprain can cause life-altering pain. Back pain is one of the main reasons people seek medical care. Fortunately few cases of back pain require spine surgery and most can be treated with medication and physical therapy.

Years ago patients with back pain were told to get off their feet and stay in bed for a week. After much scientific study, it has been proven that inactivity does little to help conquer back pain. Today doctors want to help their patients return to activity as quickly as possible.

The first step may include certain medications to control pain. When pain is controlled the patient may be able to participate in a physical therapy (PT) program. PT gives patients the tools needed to become strong and flexible, while learning proper biomechanics and injury prevention skills.

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