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Yoga Instructors

Although no one treatment works for every patient, many aspects of yoga make it an ideal choice for treating back pain and neck pain. Studies have indicated that those who practice yoga for as little as twice a week for 8 weeks can make significant gains in strength, flexibility, and endurance, which is a basic goal of most rehabilitation programs for back pain or neck pain.

Yoga works in back pain by helping to increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups. Holding positions in yoga is not intended to be uncomfortable. However, it does require concentration and specific use of muscles throughout the body. Muscle strength improves by remaining in these yoga positions and incorporating various movements.

Many of the postures in yoga gently strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the abdominal muscles, and can improve core strength. Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, accordingly exercise that helps maintain proper upright posture and movement can be valuable.

The Atlanta Spine Alliance includes qualified yoga professionals.